Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pacquiao Makes History

Manny Pacquiao made history by defeating Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto on Saturday through a technical knockout (TKO) on the 12th round. Starting his professional boxing career at the flyweight level at 106 pounds, Pacquiao has defied conventional wisdom by moving up through six weight categories, victory after victory. Instead of weakening as he increased his weight (latest is 144 pounds), he proved even faster and a more skillful fighter. With his defeat of Cotto, Pacquiao now holds his seventh title.

If his critics weren't convinced of his abilities in his bouts with Diaz, Dela Hoya and Hatton, this time around Pacquiao's victory against Cotto leaves no room for equivocation. Cotto was a natural welterweight, holds height and age advantage over Pacquiao, is known for his power punches, and holds an impressive record (only one loss and ending most of his victories in knockouts). Saturday night's match proved that Pacquiao is truly a skillful, fast, powerful and strong fighter. To Cotto's amazement, Pacquiao landed punches after punches without him seeing - punches that knocked him twice, bloodied and bruised his face, and would have sent him on the canvass for a final knockout had not the referee stopped the fight on the 12th and final round.

Pacquiao also proved that he can take punches. Although Cotto landed a many good punches, jabs that jerked back Pacquiao's head several times, Pacquiao remained unperturbed and continued landing his firepower on the weary Puerto Rican, whose only move at the later rounds was to finish standing by running away from Pacquiao's fury - that is, until the disappointed Pacquiao caught up with him and delivered his final pounding.

Now that Pacquiao has shown who the true pound-for-pound king is, an ultimate match with undefeated Floyd Mayweather looms next year. It is reported that any time this week talks will be arranged between the fighters' promoters for this much-awaited fight. Assuming Mayweather doesn't become greedy and does not spoil (or perhaps avoid) the match-up by demanding an unreasonable sum, will that mean Pacquiao will have to temporarily shelve his political ambitions, considering that next year will be election year?

If this dream match unfolds, Pacquiao will definitely need all the time to concentrate on his training and preparation. The last thing Freddie Roach needs - and Pacquiao even more - is a boxer who will need to attend to his constituents' needs as he prepares for a big fight - probably the biggest fight of his career.

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